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     As one of the symbols of modern civilization, vehicles are playing a significant role in the progress of human society and the development of the national economy. Special purpose vehicles are important parts of the automobile industry, and as today’s national economy is growing rapidly and people’s living standards improving, these vehicles should have a bigger market and play a better social role. 
    In recent years, since a series of negative effects have appeared due to the air pollution caused by vehicle exhaust, China has devoted more efforts in developing the industry of new energy vehicles. Compared with traditional oil-fueled automobiles, new energy vehicles can effectively reduce the pollution of vehicle exhaust, reduce the heavy consumption of traffic energy, and realize the sustainable development of the low-carbon economy. China, with a large number of vehicles, is faced with increasing serious environmental issues so that it is imperative to develop new energy vehicles. 
    Developing new energy special vehicles is in line with China’s national conditions and its market trend. The market of these vehicles is developing stably and fast. Meanwhile, because of the rapidly increasing numbers of new energy special vehicles and related enterprises, stably improving key performance indicators, and gradually emerging advantages of life cycle cost, users’ basic requirement on car using can be met, and electrification and intelligent networking has thus formed a superimposed effect, making the foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of new energy special vehicles more solid. Besides, with the development of the new energy vehicle industry, special ones of this kind enjoy explosive growth.  In 2018, the total production of new energy special vehicles has exceeded 110,000. 
    China is vigorously supporting the development of new energy special vehicles. For example, the Catalog of Models of New-Energy Automobiles Exempt from Vehicle Acquisition Tax released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has listed a variety of types of new energy special vehicles. With the promotion of the Plan on Defending the Blue Sky, the new energy special vehicles’ market will be quickly enlarged, winning unprecedented development opportunities. Moreover, new energy special vehicles will have their day to develop. 
    Willing to take the lead and staying distinguished through innovation. FORYOU focuses on the development of new energy vehicle industry and is striving to explore the market, size up the situation, and devise strategies. It has launched the 2021 China (Nanjing) International New Energy Special Vehicle Exhibition, provided a large display and communication platform for specialized enterprises of new energy special vehicles from home and abroad, and promoted the progress and development of the industry. 
    We sincerely wish that 2021 China (Nanjing) International New Energy Special Vehicle Exhibition will bring new power and vitality to the development of China’s new energy automobile industry.  
    We’re willing to work together with you for a brilliant tomorrow. 
    Welcome to Nanjing International Expo Center, and we’re expecting to meet you in Nanjing.
2020中国(南京)国际新能源专用车辆展览会 2020中国(南京)国际新能源专用车辆展览会
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