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New energy vehicles for municipal works: Sanitation vehicles, obstacle removal vehicles, repair vehicles, sweeper vehicles, watering carts, trash pickup vehicles, etc.
New energy logistics vehicles: Refrigerated transport vehicles, tank transport vehicles, vans, container transport vehicles, etc.
New energy engineering vehicles: Mine trucks, special engineering vehicles, dump trucks, etc.
New energy police vehicles: Police vehicles, firefighting trucks, military vehicles, etc.
Vehicles of special units: Learner-driven vehicles, school buses, mail cars, sightseeing vehicles, and special vehicles in the medical, airport, aerospace, and other fields.
New energy special vehicles and related parts: Engines, chassis, transmissions, wheels and wheel hubs, axles, carriages, driving and braking systems, gearing, ABS and safety devices, control systems, car GPS systems, hydraulic part, A/C, interior accessories and other parts, wheel lubricants, new materials, new energy and other related products, and parts and systems of special purpose vehicles.

2020中国(南京)国际新能源专用车辆展览会 2020中国(南京)国际新能源专用车辆展览会
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